Call of the Wild 2020

Call of the Wild 2020 

There is a wild Call American, my good CGI-death experience in 1903, depending on the film Wild Jack London novel "The call and the XX Century Photography is such a name in the 1935 film. Michael Green, coordinated by the composition of the film by Chris Sanders, and stars Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Karen Gill, Omar Xi and Bradley Whitford.Call of the Wild 2020 

Twentieth Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, will be delivered on March 21, 2020 will be discharged.Call of the Wild 2020 

Casting a

Harrison Ford as John Thornton

Dan Stevens, Hal

Mercedes Karen Gill

As Francois Omar Xi

Miller, Bradley Whitford

As Colin Woodell Charles

Scott MacDonald as Dawson

Cara ki

In October 2017, it is controlled by the content of the twentieth Century Fox Chris Sanders Jack London around 1903 novel The Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s Yukon Call of the Wild, and built a movie about the regulation, announced that Michael Green and is made possible by Erwin Stoff. [4]

In July 2018, he cast the film, Harrison Ford and Dan Stevens, Ford will drive the gold with John Thornton, as well as the stars. In the movie, called Fox VFX Lab Studio Technoprops significant decoration can be avoided. [5] [6] In 2018, Colin joined Woodell actors. [7] In September, Omar joined the BBC and Karen Gill leg. [8] [9] In October, joined the actors Bradley Whitford, [10] with the Black Ki-November. [11]Call of the Wild 2020 

At the end of September 2018 and Los Angeles in the film. [9]

In 2019, John Powell, will evaluate the film, he said. Powell recently, DreamWorks Animation film of 2010, according to Train Your Dragon worked with Sanders. [1]Call of the Wild 2020 

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